Central Pacific Railroad

Western Union Telegram
March 1869

Mr. Stanford: 

We've now extended our lines way past Ogden, Utah. Charlie Crocker has our crews grading miles ahead of where we're laying track. The problem now is that the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific are grading lines right next to each other.

Our Chinese crews are not very happy with the Union Pacific's Irish crews. The Irish are in the habit of firing off their black powder in the road cuts without giving us any warning. Several of our Chinese crew members have already been severely hurt. 

Yesterday one of our Chinese crews set off a blast and buried several of the Union Pacific men. This is getting out of hand. [Is this true?  See Fiction or Fact?]

The CPRR Crew

Hart 316. End of Track near Humboldt Lake (stereoview detail)
Camp Tents at the End of Track
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