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Courtesy Rebecca Cooper Winter.

Across the Continent West from Omaha.
A. J. RUSSELL & Co., 390 Bowery, N. Y.
[Includes some CPRR stereoviews and CPRR Imperial views.]

Andrew Joseph Russell Biography (b. 1830 d. 1902)
[Occasionally spelled "Russel"]


Andrew J. Russell was born on March 20, 1829 in Walpole, New Hampshire. He grew up in New York, where his family worked in canal and railroad construction. Originally a painter, as an army captian during the Civil War he was assigned special duty as photographer for the United States Military Railroad. After the war, Russell became facinated with the national project of constructing a transcontinental railroad. During 1868 and 1869, his camera recorded the incredible progress of the Union Pacific Railroad building west from Laramie to Promontory Summit. Covering the May 10, 1869 "Wedding of the Rails" for Frank Leslie's Illustrated, Russell made a series of photographs which included one of the most famous images in American history. Well aware of the importance of the event, he wrote: "The great railroad problem of the age is now solved. The continental iron band now permanently unites the distant portions of the Republic and opens up to commerce, navigation, and enterprise the vast unpeopled plains and lofty mountain ranges that divide the East from the West."
Comment by National Park Service.

Russell, A.J., and Company, New York City (active 1860s to 1870s):
Russell worked as a Civil War photographer for the United States Military Construction Corporation.  He made the extensive series "Union Pacific R.R. Stereoscopic Views", photographing railway construction from Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, to Promontory [Summit, Utah Territory] (1868-1869). In 1870 he continued coverage of [the] Pacific Railroad as far as California.  In 1868 Russell began publishing the series "Pacific R.R. Views Across the Continent West from Omaha".  The views are found without credit to Russell, but rather credit went to O.C. Smith, who obtained the negatives in about 1875 and offered them with credit to himself into 1878.  Notable series include: Platte Series, Black Hills Series, Uintah Series, Echo Kanyon (sic) Series, Echo City Series, Weber Kanyon (sic) Series, Devil's Gate Series, Salt Lake Valley Series, California Series, Groups & Indians Series.  The most sought after views from the transcontinental series show the "Joining of the Rails."  C. R. Savage of Salt Lake City, [A. A. Hart of Sacramento,] and A. J. Russell recorded the historic events.  "East meets West shaking hands, May 10, 1869," showing the locomotives head to head and the large crowd, is the most famous and equally the most sought after by collectors.
Comment by John Waldsmith, Stereo Views:  An Illustrated History and Price Guide, 1991, pp. 51-52, 138.

AJ Russell was the only member of the armed services to serve as a photographer during the Civil War. After the Civil War he was hired by the Union Pacific Railroad to document construction along the track line. He is most famous for his photo "Joining of the Rails" when the continental railroad was completed on May 10, 1869 in Promontory, Utah. After 1870 Russell returned to New York where he became the world's first photojournalist working for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper until the early 1890's. From 1869-1875 Russell published 15 different series of the photos taken during his time in Utah. In 1875 Russell sold a number of these negatives to O.C. Smith who published the stereoviews and Imperial views, under Smith's own name, from 1875-78. Over 400 A.J Russell stereoview glass plate negatives and 200 Imperial view glass plate negatives are in the AJ Russell collection at the Oakland Museum ...

No. 1. OMAHA
1. UPRR Offices [at the Herndon House, 9th & Farnam, Omaha, Nebraska]
2. Catholic Church and Cozens Hotel
3. Looking down Douglas Street
4. View of Churches, Omaha
5. Block on Farnham Street
6. Street Scene, Thirteenth Street, Omaha
7. Block on Douglas Street
8. Omaha from Old Capitol
8A. Old Capitol Building Omaha
9. Looking down Farnham Street, Omaha
10. Omaha from Height
11. UPRR Offices
12. Farnham Street from Height
13. Block on Farnham Street
14. General View of Omaha
15. Churches No. 2
16. Street view of Machine Shop [Omaha, Nebraska]
17. Interior of Passenger Coach, Omaha
18. Interior of Passenger Coach, Omaha
19. Passenger Coach, UPRR [Omaha, Nebraska]
20. Interior of Pullman Palace Car
21. Machine Shops from Bluffs [Omaha, Nebraska - distant view. Same as #25 but with more closeup lens]
22. Machine Shops, Omaha
23. Turn Table and Machine Shops [Omaha, Nebraska]
24. Tank and Machine Shops [Omaha, Nebraska]
25. Distant view of Machine Shops [Omaha, Nebraska. Same as #21 but with different lens]
26. Interior of Carpenter Shops [Emigrant Cars in back]
27. Omaha Machine Shops from West [rear view of roundhouse]
28. Machine Shops looking West
29. Machine Shops from Lumber Yard
30. Bird's eye View of Omaha (Old Capitol, Omaha)

31. Fremont Hotel
32. Main Street, Fremont
33. Fremont Hotel, near view
34. Grain Elevator, Fremont [Nebraska]
35. Seminary, Fremont
36. Columbus, from Tank [Columbus, Nebraska from the windmill]
37. Columbus, (New Town), Street view
38. Windmill, Columbus
39. Front Street, Columbus
40. Clother's Hotel, Columbus
41. Loup Fork Bridge, interior view [looking through the bridge]
42. Loup Fork Bridge, exterior view
43. Second Street, Grand Island
44. Gristmill, Grand Island
45. Turn table, Grand Island
46. Distant view of Grand Island
47. R. R. Eating house, Grand Island
48. Round House [& water tank], Grand Island
49. Grand Island Hotel
50. Grand Prairie view near Grand Island
51. Great Trestle Bridge over North Platte [bridge detail]
52. Great Trestle Bridge, with Engine [UP No. 54 on North Platte, Nebraska bridge with 9 men on board]
53. North Platte Station, from the east
54. Front Street, North Platte Station
55. Hotel at North Platte [platform, depot & shops]
56. U. S. Barracks, North Platte
57. Machine Shops, from South West, N. P.
58. Front of Hotel, North Platte Station
59. Machine Shops [& roundhouse], from N. W., North Platte
60. Hotel, Cheyenne [from the east]
61. Looking west from Hotel, Cheyenne [shops and depot, 3 stock cars in left center]
62. R. R. Hotel Dining Room, Cheyenne
63. Passenger Train and Hotel, Cheyenne [from the west with omnibus]
64. Bird's-eye view of Cheyenne
65. View on Sixteenth Street Cheyenne
66. View on 16th St., looking north, Cheyenne
67. Young Antelope, Cheyenne
68. Round House, Cheyenne
69. Legislative Halls, Cheyenne
70. Distant view of Cheyenne [yards from the East, taken from atop a box car]
71. Churches, Cheyenne
[71]A. Fremont, from Verandah of Hotel
[71]B. North Platte Machine Shops

72. Lime Kiln Cut, Granite Kanyon [Malloy's Cut #2 east of Sherman, Wyoming]
73. Lime Kiln Fill, [near] Granite Kanyon
74. Lime Kiln Cut, Granite Kanyon
75. Cut and Fill [No. 3] west of Granite Kanyon
76. Fill No. 2 West of Granite Kanyon
77. Bowman's Cut, East of Sherman
78. Bowman's Cut, East of Sherman, No. 2 [with snow]
79. Mulloy's Cut, East of Sherman
80. Hall's Fill near [railroad summit at] Sherman
81. Sherman Vale
82. High Rocks, near Sherman Station
83. Reed's Rock, near view
84. Reed's Rock, from Buffalo Bills
85. Sherman, Front Street [Sherman House, left center]
86. Reed's Rock
87. Back Bone of Black Hills
88. Boulders and Timber, Black Hills
89. Grisly Bear Peak, Black Hills
90. Rifted Rock, Black Hills
91. Look-out Peak,  Black Hills
92. Timber Scene,  Black Hills
93. Summit,  Black Hills
94. Sherman, [Wyoming station] looking West,  Black Hills
95. Windmill at Sherman Station [water tank in back]
96. Valley of Shadow,  Black Hills
97. Rocky Way,  Black Hills
98. Timber Line,  Black Hills
99. Specimen of Scrub Pine,  Black Hills
100. Chugwater Peaks,  Black Hills
101. Hermit's Glen,  Black Hills

102. Dale Creek Bridge, Snow Scene [general view, under construction from the north side]
103. Dale Creek Bridge, from above [from above, south side, new telegraphers house far right center]
104. Dale Creek Bridge, from Ape Rock [from the Mountains]
105. Dale Creek Bridge, Distant View [from the South]
106. Dale Creek Bridge, approach from West
106A. Dale Creek Bridge, approach from East [Note: "A" indicates variant with same number.]
107. Dale Creek Bridge, from above [snow scene, under construction, 2 men in foreground]
108. Dale Creek Bridge, Distant View, Snow Scene [from the mountains with cedar trees on left]
109. Dale Creek Bridge, from Druid's Rock
110. Dale Creek Bridge, from Ape Rock [snow; bridge not complete]
110A.  Dale Creek Bridge, from Ape Rock [no snow]
111. Dale Creek Bridge, Perspective View [56 men in picture; from just below track level]
112. Dale Creek Bridge from below [closeup of #116; High bluffs at Dale Creek; many people including contractor Lewis Carmichael]
113. Dale Creek Bridge from above
114. Dale Creek Bridge from Granite Bluffs
115. Dale Creek, from above bridge
116. High Bluffs, Dale Creek
117. Devil's Gate, Dale Creek Canyon
118. Looking down from Bridge
119. Crossing of Old Emigrant Road [Dale Creek Canon, bridge builders sharpening axes left center, hewn wood right foreground]
120. Looking across Dale Creek Canyon below Bridge
121. Turban Rock, Dale Creek Canyon
122. High Rocks, Dale Creek
123. Eagle Gap, Dale Creek
124. Cut No. 3 West of Dale Creek
125. Cut No. 3 West of Dale Creek [looking in opposite direction from #124]
126. Cut No. 5 West of Dale Creek
127. Cut No. 4 West of Dale Creek
128. Commissioners, Fort Saunders (3 boys gun by cabin)
129. Head Quarters, Laramie.  Wood building in rear, tents on right [railroad employees]
130. Front of Hotel, Laramie
130A. Hotel, Laramie overhang detail
131. Round House, Laramie
132. Second Street, Laramie
133. B Street Looking East [toward hotel], Laramie
134. Skating Pond, Laramie
135. R.R. Hotel, Laramie
136. Hospital, looking over Plains [Laramie, Wyoming]
137. Dining Room, Hotel, Laramie
138. Machine Shops, Laramie
139. Cinnamon Bear, Laramie
140. Rear view of Machine Shops, Laramie
141. Episcopal Church, Laramie
142. Imperial View, Laramie
143. Laramie Valley, 75 miles South of R.R.
144. Snow & Timber line, Medicine Bow Mts.
145. Miller & Patterson's Rock Cut, No. 5, Red Buttes [East of the pile]
145A. Cut No. 8 east of Red Buttes [UPRR's number Across 98]
—Interior of Paymaster's Tent, Laramie City
—Headquarters Railroad Employees, Laramie City, 3 tents next to bluffs.  Russell's wagon on right.  Appears to be Surveyors, but definitely not Laramie.
—Fort Sanders, 3 boys with guns standing on same porch as that identified in Commissioners at Fort Sanders, Black man standing in doorway.

146. Bushnell and Party, Rock Creek (3 different views noted from Oakland)
147. Machine Shops, Rawlings Springs
148. Round House, Rawlings Springs
149. Machine Shops, Rawlings Springs, from West
149A. [Rawlings machine shops, closer view]
150. Engines in Round House, Rawlings Springs
151.  Engines in Round House, Rawlings Springs
152. Distant View Round House, Rawlings Springs
153. Black Buttes Station, Black Buttes in distance [75 miles west of Rawlins, Wyoming]
154. Hermit's Grotto, Black Buttes (Bitter Creek Valley near Point of Rocks)
155. Amphitheater, Black Buttes
156A. Fairy Grotto
156. Fairy Grotto, Black Buttes (Bitter Creek Valley)
157. Caves in Mountains, Point of Rocks (Black Buttes)
158. Black Buttes from Mountains
159. Gen Casements laying Track
160. Laying Track [in the Bitter Creek Valley], Instantaneous
161. Long Cut, Bitter Creek [Carmichael's Work near Green River]
162. Unloading Ties & Iron, end of track, Bitter Creek.  [UP 29 with either helper on rear, or 2nd train behind.]
162A. [Train detail]
163. Mummy Rock, Black Buttes [camp in background]
163A. [Detail showing tracks and camp.]
164. Carmichael's Camp, Bitter Creek
165. Carmichael's [Work] Camp, Bitter Creek [Valley near Green River Wyoming]
166. Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek - from top of cut [Burning Rock Cut, carts and horses at work]
166A. Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek - from top of cut - man standing in center of image, can't see bottom of cut
166B. Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek - from top of cut opposite end [Cut #8 east of Red Buttes, Wyoming]
167. Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek - from grade
168. Carmichael's [Cut] Camp, in Distance [in Bitter Creek Valley, large format camera in foreground]
169. Carmichael's [Camp in Distance] Cut, Bitter Creek [Burning Rock, closeup of man standing on top of cut]
170. Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek - Lewis Carmichael sitting on a rock.
171. On Mountains, Green River
172. On Mountains, Green River

No. 5.  BITTER CREEK SERIES, Continued.
173. Cut near Green River [Chesboro & Magee's works, side cut]
174. Cut Horses at Work, Green River
175. Giant's Club, Green River
176. Building Permanent Bridge, Green River [masons laying stone]
177. Citidal Rock, Green River
178. Citadel Rock Elevation, Green River
179. Temporary Bridge, Green River
180. Station, Green River
181. Temporary Bridge,from below, Green R.
182. Station and Engine, Green River
183. Side Cutting, Green River
184. Side Cutting, with Engine, Green River [locomotive 86 & caboose]
185. Cribwork Bridge, Green River [temporary bridge]
186. Rock Cut where, Fish were found
187. Teapot Rock, Green River
188. Teapot Rock, [Distant], Green River
189. Giants Head Stone
190. Side Cut, Green River
191. Side Cut, Green River [rock work, just west of Green River, Wyoming]
192. Side Cut, Green River
193. Looking up Valley, Green River
194. On Mountains, Green River
195. Countelss and party, Green River
196. Side Cut, Green River [rock work, just west of Green River, Wyoming]
197. Above the Valley, Green River
198. At work on Rock Cut, Green River
199. Laying Track near Green River

200. Granger Station
201. Old Tower Church Buttes
202. Pillars of Hercules, Buttes
203. Church Buttes
204. Church Buttes Station [Granger, Wyoming station & rear view of locomotive 120]
205. Ranch on the Plains
206. General Casement
207. Reynolds and Douling's Camp, Aspen [at Quaking Asp Hill, Wyoming]
208. Grader's Camp, Aspen
209. Grader's Cabins, Aspen
210. Laying track on Muddy
211. Casement's Cars, Aspen
212. Engine [No. 120] blowing off Steam, Wasatch
213. Wasatch Station
214. Wasatch Eating House
215. Wasatch Passenger Train
216. Wasatch Temporary Round House [3 stall engine house]
217. Wasatch, Distant View [looking east toward Wasatch, Utah]
218. Wasatch, from West
219. Trestling Great Z Temporary [head of Echo Canyon, Utah; one train above the other]
220. Looking West from Wasatch
221. Looking down Great Z [temporary Z track at the head of Echo Canyon, Utah; man & woman on top of rocks in foreground]
222. Cut No. 2, West of Wasatch [similar to view #220, but locomotive closer]
223. Trestle Great Z [upper leg of Great Z near Wasatch, Utah]
224. Cut No. 4 West of Wasatch [Brooks' Cut, head of Echo Canyon, Utah, looking east; work train with flat cars]
224A. [Detail, hand car in bottom of cut.]
225. Cut No. 5 West of Wasatch [Brooks' Cut, Echo Canyon, Utah; good rear view of UP No. 119]
226. Cut No. 5 West of Wasatch [Warner & Whitman's Cut from track level]
227.  Looking East from Tunnel No. 2
228. Great Trestle, near [east of] Tunnel No. 2
229. Tunnel No. 2, Looking down
230. Camp at Tunnel No. 2
231. Dining Room of Camp [at Tunnel No. 2]

232. Artists at Breakfast, Uintas
233. Life in Mountains, Head of Bear River [A. J. Russell and party having breakfast in the Uintah Mountains]
234. Shadow Lake, Uintas
235. Shadow Lake from South East
236. Shadow Lake from Travellers' Home
237. Shadow Lake from North East
238. Shadow Lake from North
239. Shadow Lake from East
240. Maj. Russell's Bedroom, Uintas
241. Summit of Uintah Mountains
242. Waller Lake, Uintah Mountains
243. Forest View, Uintah Mountains
244. Old Trapper, Bear River
245. Old Trapper's Home, Bear River
246. Lake of Sounding Shore, 11,500 feet high
247. Spectre Lake, Looking West
248. Lake of Sounding Shore, Distant View
249. Moore's Lake, Head of Bear River
250. Moore's Lake, from South West
251. Moore's Lake, No. 2
252. Moore's Lake, View from Mountains
253. Large Spruce Pine, Uintas
254. [Surveying and] Photographing under difficulties
255. Spectre Lake, Uintah Mountains
256. Summit of Uintas
257. Rain Storm on Spectre Lake
258. Sergent Swark, the Guide Image Courtesy Bill S. Lee.
259. Lone Cabin, head of Bear River
260. Carter's Lake.  The highest body of fresh water in Uintas
261. Vegitation of 11,000 feet elevation
262. Group of Soldiers, head of Bear River
263. Mountain Meadows
264. Looking down Bear River

265. Tunnel No. 2 Head of Echo
266. Tunnel No. 2 Head of Echo [looking through the tunnel]
267. Chimney Rock, Head of Echo
267A. [Workmen preparing timber for Tunnel No. 2, Echo Canyon]
267B. [Workmen preparing timber for Tunnel No. 2, Echo Canyon]
267C. [Workmen preparing timber for Tunnel No. 2, Echo Canyon]
268. Castle Rock, Head of Echo
269. Castle Rock, Old Watch Tower
270. Castle Rock, No. 2
271. Castle Rock Station [work train with locomotive mid-train at station]
272. Castle Rock, Distant View
273. Castle Rock, Old Watch Tower
274. Eastern Portal Tunnel No. 2 [Locomotive No. 5 at tunnel opening]
275. Castle Rock Station, from Mountains
276. Temple Rock, Looking East [Castle Rock station, head of Echo Canyon, Utah, from the mountains]
277. Temple Rock Kanyon [Echo Canyon, Utah]
278. Echo Kanyon, from Scorpion Hill [Head of Echo Canyon, Utah looking east]
279. Stage Station, Hanging Rock [Echo Canyon]
280. Devil's Post Office, Echo Kanyon
281. Castle on Mountains
282. Lion Rock, Echo Kanyon
283. Rocky Mountain Hotel
284. Chimney Rock, Echo Kanyon
285. Castle on Mountain, Echo Kanyon
286. Mormon [construction] Camp, Echo Kanyon [detail]
286A. Mormon [construction] Camp, Echo Kanyon
287. Chimney Rock, Echo Kanyon
288. Western Portal Tunnel, No. 2
289. Depot at Wasatch [Passenger Station]

290. Steam Shovel Loading [cars], Echo Kanyon
291. Steam Shovel Unloading Echo Kanyon [Steam shovel excavating cut in Echo Canyon, loading cars]
292. Looking down from Death's Rock  Echo Kanyon
293. Echo Kanyon, Looking East
294. Stage Station, Hanging Rock
295. Looking East, Morman Fort, Echo Kanyon
296. Supply Train, going down [Mormon supply train in Echo Canyon]
297. Looking up the Bluffs, Echo Kanyon
298. Looking down Grade, Echo Kanyon
299. Looking up Echo Kanyon
300. Looking down Echo Kanyon
301. Capt Clanzton Echo Kanyon
302. Stage Ranche at head of Echo Kanyon [Stage station]
303. Odd Fellows holding service, Echo Kanyon
304. Face of Temple Rock, Echo Kanyon
305. Steamboat Rocks, Echo Kanyon
306. Echo from Temple Rock, Echo Kanyon
307. Monument Rock, Echo Kanyon
308. Monument Rock, No. 2, Echo Kanyon
309. Monument Rock, No. 3, Echo Kanyon
310. Monument Rock, Echo Kanyon
311. Looking up from Great Eastern, Echo Kanyon [looking down Echo Canyon, Utah]

312. Rocky Mountain Boquet
313. Rocky Mountain Boquet
314. Rocky Mountain Boquet
315. Colfax and Party, at Echo City
316. Colfax and Party at Echo City
317. Warehouse, Echo City
318. Echo City, from South
319. Echo City, from Witches Rock
320. Echo City, Cashires Office [Bishop Kennedy's office]
320A. [Bishop Kennedy's office at Echo City, Utah with group posing outside]
321. Echo City, Weber River
322. Echo City, Eagles Rocks
323. Witches, Rocks, Echo City
324. Witches Rock, with group, Echo City
325. Looking into Weber Valley, Echo City
326. Echo City, from Witches Rocks
327. General View of Witches Rocks
328. Witches Jug, Witches Rock
329. Weber Valley, from Witches Rocks
330. Eagle Rock, (Imperial)
331. Dan Casement and Party [General Casement's office at Echo City, Utah]
332. Pulpit Rock, Looking West [from track level]
333. Pulpit Rock, Looking up Weber
334. Pulpit Rock, Looking East [Echo City, Utah]
335. Pulpit Rock
336. Pulpit Rock

No. 9.  ECHO CITY SERIES.  Continued.
337. Hanging Rock, Echo City
338. Snake Head Rock, Echo City
339. Mouth of Echo Kanyon
340. Warehouse, Rear View [at Echo City, Utah from a distance]
341. Hanging Rock, Echo City
342. Echo, from Conglomerate Peaks
343. Eagle Rocks, No. 2
344. Bromley House, Echo City
345. S. B. Reed and Captain Davis
346. Weber Valley, from Eagle Gap
347. Distant View of Echo City
348. Sentinel Rock, Echo City
349. Lady on Horseback, Echo City
349A. [Mrs. Samuel B. Reed on horseback.]
350. Giants Graveyard, Echo City
351. Weber River, at Echo Kanyon
352. Conglomerate Peaks (Imperial)
353. Officers in their [director's] Car at Echo City
354. Needle Group, Witches' Rocks
355. Witches' Rocks
356. Odd Fellows Group at Echo
357. Old Stage Station, at Echo
358. Pulpit Rock, at Echo

359. Wilhelmina Pass
360. Wilhelmina Pass
361.  Wilhelmina Pass
362. Wilhelmina Pass, Distant View
363. Wilhelmina Pass, from Echo City
364. Wilhelmina Pass, from Tank
365. Wilhelmina Pass, from East
366. Wilhelmina Pass, from Stone Quarry [looking up Weber Canyon from the stone quarry]
367. 1000 Mile Tree, Looking South [Weber Canyon, Utah]
368. 1000 Mile Tree Gorge [Weber Canyon, Utah]
369. 1000 Mile Tree, Excursion Party [Weber Canyon, Utah]
370. 1000 Mile Tree, Eastern Portal
371. Fishing Party, Weber Kanyon
372. West End Tunnel No. 3 [deep cut No. 1 west of Wilhelmina Pass, Weber Canyon, Utah]
373. Camp at Tunnel No. 3
374. Building Tunnel No. 3 [west end of tunnel No. 3, Weber Canyon, Utah; men working on cut and tunnel portal]
375. Building Tunnel No. 3
376. Foot Bridge [to engineers camp] at Tunnel No. 3
376A. [Engineers camp in Weber Canyon near Tunnel No. 3, October 1868.  Photographers A.J. Russell and C.R. Savage were photographing together at this time.  Savage is shown here next to the photographers wagon.]
377. Mormon Camp at Tunnel No. 3 [Weber Canyon, Utah]
378. Devil's Shoot
379. Engineers Head Quarters at Tunnel No. 3 [Engineer's Camp, Weber Canyon, Utah]
380. Building First Bridge over Weber [Stone masons working on bridge piers in Wilhelmina Pass]
381. Looking down Weber, from Stone Quarry
382. From Slate Point, Looking down [First Bridge across Weber River]
383. From Slate Point, Looking down [First bridge across Weber, 9 miles below Echo City, Utah]
384. Tunnel No. 4 [portal; Weber Canyon, Utah]
385. Tunnel No. 3, from Mountains [same view as #385A, but with more people]
385A. [View of Tunnel No. 4, from elevation of 1000 feet]
386. Bridge 30, above Tunnel No. 3 [Weber Canyon, Utah]
387. Looking up Weber, from Tunnel No. 3
388. Eastern Portal of Tunnel No. 3 [Weber Canyon, Utah]
389. Devil's Shoot, Distant View
389A. [Building the permanant bridge at Green River, Wyoming]
390. Finger Rock, Weber Kanyon
391. Bridge above Tunnel No. 4
392. Tunnel No. 3 from 1000 ft. above
393. Looking West from Strawberry Ford
394. Distant view of Strawberry Ford [looking up Weber Canyon from Devil's Gate]
395. Entrance to Tunnel No. 4
396. Devil's Shoot, Perspective
397. Weber River, Bridge 32
398. Telegraphic Corps, Weber Kanyon [building the telegraph]
399. Strawberry Ford, Weber Kanyon

400. Devil's Gate Bridge, General View [temporary bridge]
401. Devil's Gate Bridge, Testing Combination
402. Devil's Gate Bridge, Temporary
403. Devil's Gate, from Bluffs opposite
404. Devil's Gate Bridge, Distant View
405. Devil's Gate, Side Cut [Weber Canyon, Utah]
406. Devil's Gate, Looking Up
407. Devil's Gate, Group of Tourists [excursion party on Devil's Gate Bridge]
408. Devil's Gate Bridge, Perspective [combination Bridge]
409. Devil's Gate Bridge, Perspective [looking down Weber River from Devil's Gate; no telegraph as in view #411]
410. Devil's Gate Bridge, Showing River
411. Devil's Gate Bridge from below [looking down Weber River from Devil's Gate Bridge; telegraph]
412. Rapids of Weber, Instantaneous
413. North's Camp, from above
414. North's Camp, foot of Mountains [engineer's camp at the mouth of Weber Canyon]
415. North's Camp, from Mouth of Weber
416. Road at Mouth of Kanyon
417. Looking up Weber [River], from Mouth [of Weber Canyon]
418. North's Camp [at the mouth of Weber Canyon]
419. Looking into Devil's Gate
420. Mouth of Weber, from Uintah Station
420A. [Uintah station, Utah.  Freight house left center; W. B. Barber, grocer on right.]
421. Looking up the Weber
422. Looking into Weber, from Rocks
423. Rapids of Weber, Instantaneous
424. Weber, from Cavern
425. Salt Lake, from Wasatch Mountains
426. Salt Lake, Bird's-eye View

No. 10.  DEVIL'S GATE SERIES Continued.
427. Salt Lake Valley, from 2,000 ft. elevation
428. Looking up Weber, from side of Mountain
429. On Wasatch Mountains, Looking East
430. Distant View of Promintory & Salt Lake
431. Looking across from Summit of Mountains
432. U. P. R. R. from 3,000 ft. elevation
433. Bird's-eye View of Weber
433B. [Looking into Salt Lake Valley at the mouth of Weber Canyon.]
434. Salt Lake, from Summit of Wasatch
435. Turnpike Road, Weber Kanyon
436. Mountain Mahogany, Wasatch Mountains
437. Distant View of Salt Lake
438. Salt Lake Valley from Mouth of Weber
439. Looking down into Weber from Lookout
440. Looking across Weber at 3,000 feet Elevation
441. Looking down on Morgan Valley
442. Looking from 2,000 feet elevation into Valley
443. Bird's-eye view of Weber Kanyon
444. Weber River, from above North's Camp
445. Looking into Weber, from Heights

No. 12. UTAH
446. Coalville, Weber Valley
447. Coalville, Weber Valley
448. Quaking Aspen Grove, White Pine Canyon
449. Looking across Cottonwood Lake, July 16
450. Old Sawmill, Parley's Park
451. Party on Snow, White Pine Canyon, Aug 1
452. Looking into White Pine Canyon
453. Looking into White Pine Canyon
454. Distant View, Ripple Lake, White Pine Canyon
455. Looking into Cottonwood Canyon, from Mount Emma
456. Fishing Party, Ripple Lake
457. Tourists at Ripple Lake
458. Among the Pines, White Pine Canyon
459. O C Smith and Party, White Pine Canyon
460. Cottonwood Canyon, from Mount Emma
461. Tourists at Ripple Lake (Excursionist Camp across lake)
462. Snow, August 26, White Pine Canyon
463. Looking into Parley, from Mount Emma
464. Ripple Lake, White Pine Canyon
465. Tourists on Mt Emma, Wasatch Mountains
466. Hank's House, Parley's Park
467. Judge Snyder's Residence, Parley's Park

468. Bever Dam, White Pine Kanyon
469. Bever Dam, White Pine Kanyon
470. Bever Dam, White Pine Kanyon
471. Bever Dam, White Pine Kanyon
472. Bever Dam, White Pine Kanyon
473. Miners' Residence, Bingham Kanyon
474. Mormon Cottage, Parley's Park
475. Snow and Timber Line, Uintah Mounts.
476. Brigham Young's Residence
477. Theatre, Salt Lake City
478. Great Tabernacle, Salt Lake City
479. Great Salt Lake City
480. Deseret Store, Salt Lake City
481. Mormon Family, Salt Lake City
482. Brigham Young's House, Salt Lake City
483. Breaking Ground for Utah R. R.
484. Sheep, Utah
485. Miners' Residence, Bingham Kanyon
486. First Grist Mill, Utah
487. Green Monster Copper MIne
488. Morman With Three Wives
489. Saw Mill, Bingham Kanyon
490. Entrance to Copper Mine

491. Taylor's Mill, Ogden
492. Woollen Mill, Ogden
493. Taylor's Mill Station, Ogden
494. Mouth of Weber from Uintah
495. Bridge, Ogden
496. Corinne, from North West
497. Corinne, from South West
498. Uintah Hotel, Corinne
499. Montana Street, Corinne
500. Station Buildings, Corinne
501. View on Montana Street, Corinne
502. Steamer on Bear River
503. Looking towards Brigham City
504. Bear River Corinne
505. Bear River Bridge, Corinne [temporary bridge; from the water tank]
506. Ferry across Bear River Corinne
507. R. R. bridge from Ferry, Corinne [temporary bridge over the Bear River at Corinne, Utah from the ferry]
508. Distant view of Corinne
509. Salt Lake Valley, Corinne
510. Salt Lake Valley
511. Passenger Train, Corinne
511A. [Detail view of train and station at Corrine, Utah.]
512. Wasatch Mountains from Bear River
513. Paymaster's Car, Blue Creek
514. Slaughter House at Camp, Blue Creek
515. Great Trestle Work, Promontory
516. Carmichael's Cut, Promontory
517. Salt Lake, from Trestle Work [Promontory, Utah]
518. Carmichael's Cut, Promontory
519. Salt Flatts, from Bent's Work [Promontory, Utah]
520. Hall's Camp Promontory
521. Salisbury's Cut, Promontory [from track level]
522. Great Bend, Promontory
523. Mack's Cut, Promontory [Carmichael's Cut]
524. Cut No. 4, East of Promontory
525. Trestle (Imperial) Promontory
526. Caves of  Promontory
527. Graders Breaking Camp, Promontory
528. Distant View of Great Trestle [Bridge; Promontory, Utah from above]
529. Cut Near Blue Creek, Promontory [Great Bend from Carmichael's Cut]
530. Boarding House Cavern, Promontory
531. Engine on Great Trestle, Promontory
532. Over-hanging Cliff, Promontory
533. [Town of] Dead Fall, Promontory [Point, Utah]

534. Assembling to Lay Last Rail
535. Junction of Rails, Promontory [from the top of a freight car]
536. Promintory from West
537. Ceremony of Laying Last Rail
538. Morning before Laying Last Rail [space left for the last rail at Promontory, Utah]
539. Chinese at Laying Last Rail
540. Laying Last Rail
541. Scene [Morning] before Laying Last Rail
542. Getting ready for Laying Last Rail
543. Group of Officials at Laying Last Rail
544. Eating House, Promontory

545. Summit Sierra Nevadas, Snow Sheds
546. Donner Lake, Distant View
547. Summit, Old Emigrant Road
548. Summit, C. P. R. R., Looking West
549. Donner Lake and Snow Sheds
550. Show Sheds, Looking west from Summit [CPRR; from the top of Summit tunnel]
551. Donner Lake, from Old Cedar
552. Mountain Cedar, Summit C. P. R. R.
553. Hydraulic Gold Mining
554. Hydraulic Gold Mining, Gold Fields
555. Hydraulic Gold Mining, below Bank
556. Hydraulic Gold Mining, Miners at Work
557. Lake Anna, Sierra Nevadas
558. Mountain Scenery, Sierra Nevadas
559. Colfax Station, C. P. R. R.
560. Colfax, Front Street [California]
561. White Oak Carlin
562. Live Oak Carlin [Nevada]
563. Long Leaf or Nut Pine
564. General View of Colfax
565. Live Oaks, Sacramento Valley
566. Round House, Rocklin [California]
567. Looking up K Street, Sacramento
568. Sacramento Machine Shops
569. Sacramento Machine Shops
570. Chinese Washing Clothes, Sacramento
571. C. P. R. R. Shops, Sacramento
572. K. Street, Sacramento
573. Sacramento River and Pier
574. G. Street, Sacramento
575. Chinese Quarters, Sacramento

576. Snake Squaws Making Toilet
577. Ute Squaws in Nevada
578. Visiting Indian Camp
579. Snake Chiefs
580. Shoshone Indians
581. Sick Squaw and Medicine Man
582. Squaws Gambling for Beads
583. S[amuel]. B. Reed
584. W[arner]. & W[hitman's]. Camp, Weber
585. Ella Seymour
586. Pay Day, Echo City
587. Group of Horsemen, Echo City
588. Alexander and Family, Utah
589. [Charlie] Frost and [Emma] Morton
590. Family Group, Utah [at O C Smith's]
591. O. C. Smith and Wife
592. Dan Tilden and friend
593. S. B. Reed and family
594. S. B. Reed on Horseback
595. Mr. and Mrs. Hill
596. Cashier and Clerks, Echo City [Utah]
597. Cashier's Office Echo
598. Mormon Bishop and Family
599. Entrance to Weber (Imperial)
600. Engineer's Camp, Weber, Near Tunnel No. 3
601. Warner, Whitman, & Gray
602. O. C. Smith's Clerks, Echo City
603. Group of Tourists Echo City
604. Excursion Party at Reeds
605. Group of Tourists Echo City
606. Group at S. B. Reed's Office
607. Indian Squaws and Papooses
608. Dan Casement, Echo City
609. Warner & Whitman Group, Echo
610. Mrs. S. B. Reed, Echo
611. Group of Engineers Echo
612. Miss Anna Reed [on horseback]
613. Mrs. S. B. Reed, Sitting

1079. Devil's Slide, Weber Canyon
No. #. [Brigham Canyon gold mines, Utah Territory.]

[Original spellings retained, when available.]

S. J. Sedgwick, Newtown, Queens Co., New York, published many western stereoviews, most notably the extensive series of almost 400 views of the construction westward of the transcontinental railroad from the original negatives which he acquired in 1873 from A.J. Russell. "Stereoscopic Views, per dozen...$3.00" Sedgwick published a number of Western stereoview series (Union Pacific Railroad Stereoscopic Views Across the Continent West from Omaha series, Dale Creek and Laramie series, Rocky Mountain scenery, etc). These covered Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and the surrounding territory. Description by Philip Nathanson.

Russell 28 showing large format camera
'No. 28 - Carmichael's Camp, Bitter Creek - near Green River.'
Depicting the Civil War Engineer hatted A. J. RUSSELL HIMSELF perched in the foreground on a ridge overlooking the GREEN RIVER
and CARMICHAEL'S CAMP at BITTER CREEK way in the distance –
Courtesy Anonymous Donor.

Catalog of A. J. Russell Imperial Views
Courtesy Don D. Snoddy, Manager of Museum Services, Union Pacific Railroad Company
[Note:  Imperial view 11" x 14" wet-plate glass negatives amazingly have survived and are located at the Oakland Museum of California.]
See the A.J. Russell Imperial View Slideshow at the Oakland Museum.
(Reference: "Westward to Promontory." a book by the Oakland Museum and Union Pacific Railroad includes magnificent reproductions of many of these UPRR Imperial Views.)

No. 1. Large Views of Omaha
1. Omaha Bird's eye View
1a. Pony Engine 3
2. Omaha Machine Shops

No. 2. Large Views of Platte
3. Loup Fork Bridge
4. North Platte Bridge
5 . North Platte Bridge

No. 3. Large Views of Black Hills
6. Lime Kiln Cut, Granite Canyon
7. Embankment No 1, East of Granite Canyon (GWI 2) [Granite Canyon, Wyoming from the water tank]
8 . Entering Black Hills, Carmichael's Cut, Granite Canyon
9. Great Embankment, Granite Canyon looking West, Huts of Construction in the Valley
10. Embankment in Foreground, Granite Canyon
11. Train on Embankment, Granite Canyon
12. Embankment #1 West of Granite Canyon
13. Hall's Fill, above (near) Granite Canyon
14. Hall's Cut, Buford (Sherman) Station (GWI 5)
15. Granite Rocks, near Buford Station (GWI 3)
Camel Rock near Beauford Station
16. Mallory's Cut, near Sherman Station (GWI 4)
17. Reed's Rock, Sherman Station
18. Grisley Bear Peak, Summit of Black Hills

No. 4. Large Views of Dale Creek & Laramie
19. Perspective View of Dale Creek Bridge
19.5. Eastern Approach to Dale Creek Bridge (GWI 9)
20. Dale Creek Bridge, Perspective
21. Dale Creek Bridge, from above
22. Dale Creek Valley and Bridge
23. Dale Creek from above #2 (GWI 8)
24. Dale Creek Bridge, from above No. 2 (GWI 7)
25b. Head Waters of Great Laramie River (GWI 14)
Valley of the Great Laramie from the mountains
25a. Dale Creek Bridge from below
26. Dale Creek Bridge from Ape Rock
27. Silver Mining District, Dale Creek
High ocks, mining district, Dale Creek Canyon
28. Skull Rock, Dale Creek (GWI 6)
29. Devil's Gate, Dale Creek Canyon near silver mines (GWI 10)
30. Western approach to Dale Creek Bridge Granite Cut
31. Rock Cut No. 3, West of Dale Creek bridge
32. Cut No. 3(4), West of Dale Creek bridge
33. Miller & Patterson's work, Cut No. 5, near Red Buttes.  West of Dale Creek
34. Miller & Patterson's Cut No. 6 east of tie pile, West of Dale Creek
35. Eagles Nest, Red Buttes near Red Buttes station.  Soft red sandstone about 80 ft high
36. Red Buttes or Vase Rock sometimes called Deal Rock near Red Buttes station (GWI 12)
37b?. General Grant and Party, Fort Sanders (GWI 11) (Oakland has these marked a & b)
37a?. General Grant and Party, Fort Sanders.  This is a contact from a Russell negative but different entirely in composition than previous.  This plate is marked 37, but so is the back of the previous view. [Left toRight - Sidney Dillon, Frank P. Blair, Gen'l P. H. Sheridan, Mrs. Joseph H. Potter, Gen'l F. I. Dent, Mrs. Gen'l John Gibbon, Gen'l John Gibbon, Master John Gibbon, Gen'l U. S. Grant, Katy Gibbon, Mrs. Kilbourne of Columbus Ohio, mother of Mrs. Potter, Fannie Gibbon, Gen'l G. M. Dodge, Gen'l W. T. Sherman, Gen'l Hunt, Gen'l W. S. Harney, Mr. T. C. Durant, Gen'l Joseph Potter.  ID provided by Brig. Gen'l John W. Budd 11-5-1906]
38a. Commissioners and party, Fort Sanders
38b. Commissioners at Fort Sanders No 2
39. Round House and Shops, Laramie, NE front
40. Machine Shops, Laramie from the windmill
41. Machine Shops, Rear View, Laramie from south east #4
42. Machine Shops, Front View, Laramie
43. Machine Shops, Rear View, Laramie, SW (GWI 17)
44. Party of Clergymen, Laramie.  Clerical excursionists at Laramie 1868
45. Hotel, Laramie
46. Interior View, Machine Shops, Laramie
47. Source of Great Laramie River (GWI 20)
48. Railroad Hotel Dining Room  (GWI 15)
48b. Interior of Dining Room at Laramie #1
49. Employees of UPRR Rail Road, Laramie
50. Cashier's Office, Laramie
51. Rail Road Hospital, Laramie
51.5. Windmill, Laramie (GWI 16)
52. Warehouse of UPRR at Laramie.  Grain stored for transportation
53. Among the Timber, Laramie Mountains (GWI 19)
54. Valley of Little Laramie, from Sheet Mountains (GWI 18)
55. Wyoming Station, Engine 23 on main track
56. Mr Bushnell and Party, Rock Creek

No. 5. Large Views of Bitter Creek
57. Rawlings Hotel
58. Round House and Machine Shop, Rawlings
59. Construction Train at end of track (Bitter Creek) General Casement's Outfit, General in foreground.
60. High Bluffs, Black Buttes (GWI 21)
61. Black Buttes, from Station of that name
62. Bitter Creek Valley from coal mines near Point of Rocks
63. Valley of Bitter Creek from coal mines near Point of Rocks
64b. Smith's Buttes, Green River Valley
64a. Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek Valley
65. Bitter Creek Valley, Panoramic #2
66. Carmichael's Camp, Bitter Creek #2
67. Carmichael's Cut, Burning Rocks seen in dark strata near top of cut
68. Burning Rock Cut (GWI 22)
69. Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek
70. Bitter Creek Valley #3 panoramic
71. Great Rock Cut, Bitter Creek, one of the longest on line of road.  Green River mountains in distance
72. On the mountains, Green River.  Smith's Rock in fore ground.  Green River Valley, Smiths Buttes
73. Carmichael's Camp.  Bitter Creek Valley.  Mountains of Green River, Panoramic
74. Valley of Green River, looking South (GWI 25)
75. Bitter Creek Valley, Panoramic View. Mountains of Green River, Panoramic
76. On mountains of Green River, Smiths Buttes [in foreground] (GWI 23)
77. Castle Rock, Green River (GWI 24)
77b. Castle Rock, Green River
77c. Mountains of Green River
78. Temporary and Permanent Bridge, Green River, Citadel Rock in distance
79?. Citadel Rock, Green River
80. Side Cut, West of Green River, Carmichael's work
80*. Bryan Station.  Engine 65 seen from rear.

No. 6. Large Views of Bridger
81. Church Buttes, Winter View (GWI 26)
82. Church Buttes, Summer View
83. Fort Bridger, Judge Carter's Store
84. Fort Bridger
85a. Officers, Fort Bridger, Col.  Morrow commanding
85b. Officers of Fort Bridger
86. Construction Train, end of track near Bear River.  General Casement's Outfit
87. Supply Train on Muddy, Loading (GWI 27)
Supply trains at end of track, last siding
88. Coal Beds, Bear River (GWI 28) perpendicular vein of 7 feet
89. Bear River City (GWI 29)

No. 7. Large Views of Uintah
90. Snow and Timber line, Uintah Mountains
91. Surveying Under Difficulties, head of Bear River Uintah Mountains
92. Moore's Lake, Head of Bear River
93. Lake of Sounding Shore, Head of Bear River
94. Observation Peak, Head of Bear River
95. Moore's Lake (Panoramic)
96. The Old Trapper, Head of Bear River
97. Moore's Lake, (Vignette)
98. Moore's Lake, (Vignette)
99. Lake of Sounding Shore
100. Summit of Rocky Mountains among Rocks & Lake

No. 8. Large Views of Echo Canyon
101. Looking Down Death's Rock (GWI 30)
102. Tunnel No. 2, building.  Tunnel at head of Echo, Miller and Patterson's work
103. Miller & Patterson's Camp, Tunnel #2 Head Echo
104. Cut near Tunnel No. 2
105. Tunnel No. 2, head of Echo completed
106. Tunnel No. 2, Looking East from Top
107. Castle Rock, Echo Canyon
108. Steam Shovel at work, Echo Canyon
109. Steam Shovel at work, at Hanging Rock, Echo Canyon
110. Looking Down Echo Canyon from Death's Rock
111. Grand Lodge, Odd Fellows, 9-12-69 in Echo Canyon
112. Odd Fellows meeting, Echo Canyon near temple rock #2
113. Rock Great Eastern, #2 Echo Canyon (GWI 38)
114. Rock Great Eastern, Echo Canyon
115. Monument Rock,  near mouth of Echo Canyon (GWI 31)
116. Monument Rock, Echo Canyon nearly 250 feet high, conglomerate with sandstone base

No. 9. Large Views of Echo City
117. Pulpit Rock (1st View) Echo City [near view]
118. Ditto (near view) Echo City
119. From Bluffs, Looking North, Echo City
120. Hanging Rock, Echo City (GWI 32)
121. Looking up Weber from Echo City (GWI 35)
122. High Rocks, Weber Valley mouth of Echo Canyon. Echo City
123. Distant View of Pulpit Rock, at mouth of Echo Canyon or Sentinel Rock, Weber Valley Echo City
124. Looking down Weber [River], Echo City [3 girls at fence]
124A. Looking down Weber, Echo City [no girls]
125. Old Stage Station, Echo City.  Warner & Whitman's at Echo
126. Bromley's House, Echo City
127. Cashier's Office, Echo City
128. Directors of North Western R.R. at Echo City
129. Ditto
130. Special Commissioners at Echo City
131a?. Mormon Family at Echo City
131b. Mormon Family
132. Engineer's Office, at Echo City
133. Station House at Echo City
134. Conglomerate Peaks at Echo City
135. Conglomerate Peaks, Eagle's Nest, Echo City
136. R R Warehouse, Echo City
137. Dan Casement & Clerks, Echo City
138. Rocky Mountain Glee Club
139. Conglomerate Peaks at Echo City
140. D T Casement and friends, Echo City
141. Weber Valley, from Witches' Rocks, Echo City
142. Echo City, from South
143?. Echo City, from the bluff looking North

No. 10. Large Views of Utah
144. Coalville, Weber Valley (GWI 36)
144A. Coalville, Weber Valley
145. Coalville, Weber Valley
146. Old Saw Mill, Parley's Park
147. Ripple Lake, White Pine Canyon, Parley's Park
148. Head of White Pine Canyon, Parley's Park
149. Looking down to Ripple Lake, White Pine Canyon, from Mount Emma
150. Weber Valley, near Coalville
151. Old Grist Mill, Parley's Park
152. Bishop Snyder's Residence, Parley's Park
153. Brigham Young's Woolen Mill and Cotton Factory, Wasatch Mts. (GWI 49)
154. Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution, Salt Lake City.  Store in which Brigham Young has an interest
155. Warm Springs, Salt Lake City
156. Warm Springs, Bath House, Salt Lake City.  Brigham's Bath House, Hot Sulphur Springs
157. City Creek Canyon, near Salt Lake City (GWI 46).  The water used by the citizens of Salt Lake City
158. City Creek Canyon, near Salt Lake City #2
159. Brigham Young's Theater, Salt Lake City160.
Townsend House, Salt Lake City
161.  Salt Lake City (Panoramic).
Oakland has it as #2 Group of Officials
162. Salt Lake City (Panoramic) No. 2
163. Salt Lake City (Panoramic) No. 3
164. Great Tabernacle #2, Salt Lake City (GWI 50)
165. Brigham Young's Residence, Salt Lake City (GWI 47)
166. Foundation of Temple, Salt Lake City
from the top of the tabernacle
167. East Temple St., Salt Lake City
168. East Temple St., looking down, Salt Lake City
169. California UPRR stable Corral, Salt Lake City
170. Birds Eye View of Cottonwood Lake(Canyon) #2
171. Bingham Canyon, Old Steam Saw Mill
Oakland has Bird's Eye View of Cotton Wood Canyon
172. Bingham Canyon, Old Steam Saw Mill, 2nd view

No. 11. Large Views of Weber Canyon
173. Looking up from Narrows, Weber Canyon
174. Wilhelmina Pass, Weber Canyon
Oakland has Narrows of the Weber #2
175. Narrows No. 2, Weber Canyon
Oakland has Narrows of the Weber #1
176. Narrows No. 3, Weber Canyon
177. Weber Valley, from Pass
Looking up Weber Valley from the Narrows
178. Narrows No. 4, Weber Canyon
179. Wilhelmina Pass, from below Bridge, Weber Canyon
Oakland has Coalville, Weber Valley
180. Weber Valley from below Echo City
181. Wilhelmina Pass, from Devil's Shoot
182. Sentinel Rock, Weber Canyon
183. Excursion Party at 1000 Mile Tree, Wilhemina Pass, Weber Canyon
184. Devil's Shoot, Perspective
185. Devil's Shoot, from Stone Quarry Weber Canyon
186. Looking down from Slate Rock, Weber Canyon
187. Bridge No. 32, Weber Canyon
188. Bridge No. 32, Looking down Weber Canyon
189. Finger Rock, Weber Canyon
190. Birds Eye View of Weber Canyon
191. Tunnel No. 3, Weber Canyon (GWI 30?)
192. Tunnel No. 3 and Engine Weber Canyon
193. Tunnel No. 3, Eastern Portal Weber Canyon
Oakland has Eastern Portal #4, Weber Canyon
194. Looking Up Weber, from the top of tunnel No. 4, Weber Canyon
195. Strawberry Ford, Weber Canyon
196. Strawberry Ford, Weber Canyon
197. Looking into Weber from 1000 ft Elevation
198. Tunnel No. 3, Looking West Weber Canyon

No. 12. Large Views of Devil's Gate
199. Devil's Gate, Weber Canyon
200. Devil's Gate, Weber Canyon.  Perpendicular rocks 2000 feet high.
201. Devil's Gate, from below, Weber Canyon
202. Devil's Gate, Temporary Bridge, Weber Canyon from below
203. Devil's Gate, Looking East, Weber Canyon #2
204. Devil's Gate, Building Temporary Bridge, Weber Canyon
205. Devil's Gate, Construction, Combination Permanent Bridge, Weber Canyon
206. Devil's Gate, Combination Permanent Bridge No. 2, Weber Canyon
207. Devil's Gate, Testing Combination Permanent Bridge, Weber Canyon
208. from Devil's Gates, Looking East, Weber Canyon
209. Senator Patterson & Party on Devil's Gate Bridge, Weber Canyon
210. Temporary Bridge, Devil's Gate,  Weber Canyon
211. Temporary Bridge, from below, Weber Canyon
212. Excursion Party on Bridge, Weber Canyon
213. Mormon Toll Bridge at mouth of Weber Canyon
214. Salt Lake Valley, from Wasatch Mountains
215. Salt Lake Valley, from Wasatch Mountains, No. 2.  Oakland has #1
216. Salt Lake Valley, from Wasatch Mountains, No. 3

No. 13. Large Views of Salt Lake Valley
217?. Corinne, (Panoramic) #2
218. Corinne (Panoramic) #3
219. Corinne, Salt Lake Valley, Wasatch Mountains in Distance (Brigham City in distance; Panoramic #1)
220. Promontory Trestle work
221. Promontory Trestle work and Engine
222. Promontory Trestle work and Engine, No. 2
223. Promontory Trestle work
[Oakland has Group of men standing by “Jupiter”]
224. Engineers at Laying of Last Rail
225. Laying of Last Rail
225b. Officials of UPRR at laying of Last Rail (Reed & Family) [Group of Officials at Junction. Includes Samuel B. Reed and family and some of the engineering party]
226. Officers of the U.P.R.R. at laying of Last Rail
227. East and West Shaking hands at Laying of Last Rail

No. 14. Large Views of California
228. Donner Lake, Summit Sierra Nevadas
229. Snow Sheds, C.P.R.R. and Donner Lake
230. Hydraulic Gold mining, California
231. Hydraulic Gold mining, California
232. C.P.R.R. Machine Shops, Sacramento
233. C.P.R.R. Machine Shops, Sacramento

No. 15. Large Views of Groups
234. Shoshone Indians on War Path
Oakland has Ute Indians
235. Shoshone Indians, Grand View
236. Directors of U.P.R.R. at Echo City
237. Party at O. C. Smith's, Echo City
no #. men standing about on rocks, above grassy area
no #. two men standing on prominent outcropping

Books containing original photographs:

1)  Russell, Andrew Joseph. The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photographic Views Across the Continent; Taken Along the Line of the Union Pacific Railroad, West From Omaha, Nebraska.  New York, Union Pacific Railroad Company, 1869.  The following three images are plates 15, 16, and 32, reproduced from this book:

Russell Plate 15, The Great West, Courtesy Southern Methodist University
Plate 15. Laramie Hotel, Laramie City.

Russell Plate 16, The Great West, Courtesy Southern Methodist University
Plate 16. The Wind Mill at Laramie.

Russell Plate 32, The Great West, Courtesy Southern Methodist University
Plate 32. Hanging Rock, Foot of Echo Cañon.
Images courtesy of Kay Bost, Curator, DeGolyer Library,
Southern Methodist University.

Southern Methodist University (David Margolis) provides the following additional description of this book with a complete list of included photographs:

"Russell, Andrew Joseph. The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photographic Views Across the Continent; Taken Along the Line of the Union Pacific Railroad, West From Omaha, Nebraska. Vol. 1.

~ New York: Published by authority of the Union Pacific Railroad Company, 1869. ~ [12] pp. + 50 mounted photographs. ~ 34 x 47 cm. Full brown morocco, embossed panels, metal clasps, and titled "Union Pacific Railroad. Photographic Illustrations," stamped in gilt on cover. ~ Citations: Haaften 201. Railway Economics p. 64. Truthful Lens 142.

This is one of the great photographically illustrated books devoted to the American West. Published by the Union Pacific in an opulent size and small edition, this work was surely meant to promote the new American rail line to the prominent and powerful men who helped create and finance the massive undertaking.

The photographs are by Andrew J. Russell (1830-1902). Originally trained as a painter, Russell, in 1863, was to become the first member of the army officially assigned to photograph the Civil War. Working under General Herman Haupt of the United States Military Railroad, he photographed devices used to transport troops, as well as documenting the construction and destruction of roads and bridges. Russell left the army in 1865 and began his most famous work photographing construction along the lines of the Union Pacific Railroad. This culminated in a series of photographs made at the joining of the rails at Promontory Point, Utah, in May 1869. During the early 1870s Russell returned to New York, where he ran a photography studio.

This book depicts one of this country's greatest engineering feats, the linking of both coasts by rails of steel, bringing to fruition the dream of an interconnected continent stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.

Mounted Photographs:

1. Carmichael's Cut, Granite Cañon.
2. Granite Cañon, from the water tank.
3. Granite Rock, near Beaufort Station.
4. Malloy's Cut.
5. Hall's Cut.
6. Skull Rock.
7. Dale Creek bridge, general view.
8. Dale Creek bridge, from above
9. Eastern approach to Dale Creek bridge.
10. Devil's Gate, Dale Creek Cañon.
11. Gen. Grant and party at Fort Sanders.
12. Dial Rock, Red Buttes.
13. Snow and Timber Line, Laramie Mountains.
14. Valley of the Great Laramie, from the mountains.
15. Laramie Hotel, Laramie City
16. The windmill at Laramie.
17. Laramie machine shops, from the southwest.
18. Valley of the Little Laramie River.
19. Among the timber at head of Little Laramie River.
20. Source of the Laramie River.
21. High Bluffs, Black Buttes.
22. Burning Rock cut.
23. On the mountains of Green River.
24. Castle Rock, Green River Valley.
25. Green River Valley, looking down the river.
26. Church Buttes.
27. Supply trains.
28. Coal beds of Bear River.
29. Bear River City, near the coal fields.
30. Looking down Echo Cañon, from Death's Rock.
31. Monument Rock, mouth of Echo Cañon.
32. Hanging Rock, foot of Echo Cañon.
33. Sphynx of the valley.
34. Sentinal Rock, Weber Valley.
35. Echo City, looking up Weber River.
36. Coalville, Weber Valley.
37. Willhelmina Pass, from the east.
38. Rock Great Eastern.
39. East end of tunnel, Weber Cañon.
40. Devil's Gate, Weber Cañon.
41. Weber Cañon, from Below Devil's Gate.
42. Mormon Turnpike Bridge, mouth of Weber Cañon.
43. Weber Valley, from Willhelmina Pass.
44. Gen. Casement's construction train.
45. Salt Lake City, from the top of the Tabernacle.
46. City Creek Cañon, near City Creek Falls.
47. Residence of Brigham Young.
48. Mormon family, Great Salt Lake Valley.
49. Brigham Young's cotton and woolen factories.
50. Great Mormon Tabernacle."

2) Union Pacific Railroad Illustrations (binding title).  N.p., n.d. (c. 1869). [29 leaves with 27 mounted views by Andrew Joseph Russell and William Henry Jackson.]

Southern Methodist University (David Margolis) provides the following additional description of this book with a complete list of included photographs:
"Union Pacific Railroad Illustrations (binding title).

~ N.p., n.d. (c. 1869). ~ 29 leaves with 27 mounted views by Andrew Joseph Russell and William Henry Jackson; a few have manuscript captions in ink + 30 mounted albumen photographs used within printed advertisements, photographers unknown. ~ 34 x 49 cm. Half brown morocco, with title stamped in gilt on cover.

This unusual volume, with its various printed and manuscript captions, seems a more informal publication than The Great West Illustrated (see above), though they are similar and even include a few of the same images. Most likely produced after The Great West Illustrated as it includes a view of the celebration at Promontory Point, the culmination of the building of the railroad, which was not present in that volume.

The endpapers and versos of the leaves have numerous advertisements printed in gold ink. Most include mounted albumen photographs or india proof engraving. The photographs show various factory views, product portraits, or reproductions of artwork showing sailing ships. An uncommon use of photography for a published volume.

Though most of the images have been attributed to Russell, a number of landscapes have the initials WHJ scratched into the negatives, denoting the work of William Henry Jackson.

An unusual work, not noted in the standard references. Railway Economics does cite a work titled Union Pacific Railroad Views (Boston: A. Mudge & Son, 187?), a quarto, with a cover title, one page of text, and twenty one mounted photographs. There were probably a number of spinoffs of the official Russell volume.

Mounted Photographs:

1. Bridge No. 32. 300 feet long [manuscript caption].
2. Hanging Rock, foot of Echo Cañon.
3. Hall's Cut.
4. Great Mormon Tabernacle.
5. Carmichael's Cut, Granite Cañon.
6. Laramie Machine Shops, from the Southwest.
7. Gen. Casement's Construction Train.
8. Snow and Timber Line, Laramie Mountains.
9. Monument Rock, Mouth of Echo Cañon.
10. Last Rail - Promontory Point.
11. Trestle work at Promontory Pt. [manuscript caption].
12. Looking up Weber River, Echo Cañon.
13. On the Mountains of Green River, looking up the Valley.
14. Dial Rock (manuscript caption) .
15. Bridge No. 31 [manuscript caption].
16. Entrance to Black Hills [manuscript caption].
17. Devil's Gate Bridge [manuscript caption].
18. Source of the Laramie River.
19. Officials at the Junction.
20. Devil's Gate, Weber Cañon.
21. Palisades. Green River.
22. Castle Rock, Green River Valley.
23. Snow and Timber line, Laramie Mountains [duplicate of #8].
24. Rock Great Eastern.
25. Devil's Gate [manuscript caption].
26. Western Approach to Dale Creek Bridge [manuscript caption].
27. Omaha, Neb. [manuscript caption]"
3)  SUN PICTURES OF ROCKY MOUNTAIN SCENERY, WITH A DESCRIPTION OF THE GEOGRAPHICAL AND GEOLOGICAL FEATURES, AND SOME ACCOUNT OF THE RESOURCES OF THE GREAT WEST; CONTAINING THIRTY PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS ALONG THE LINE OF THE PACIFIC RAIL ROAD, FROM OMAHA TO SACRAMENTO. by Hayden, Ferdinand Vandeveer. Julius Bien NY 1870. First ed 4to., viii, 150 pp., 30 albumen photographs (8 x 6 in.) by A. J. Russell on printed mounts. In 1869 A. J. Russell's extremely rare album THE GREAT WEST ILLUSTRATED. was published for the Union Pacific Railroad Company. It contained a series of 50 folio size photographs of the American West, depicting railway construction, geological formations, towns, Salt Lake City, etc. One year later the noted geologist, Ferdinand V. Hayden prepared SUN PICTURES OF ROCKY MOUNTAIN SCENERY. He intended this book to be used as a guide to the geological formations along the train route from Cheyenne to Salt Lake City. To illustrate this book, he selected 30 of Russell's photographs of the geological formations in the Rockies, the Sierra Nevadas, Wyoming, Utah and California, which had appeared in THE GREAT WEST ILLUSTRATED in a larger format. HOWES H337; NYPL SUN PICTURES #215; TRUTHFUL LENS #81; the copy cited in Margolis' TO DELIGHT THE EYE, #7, bears a note mounted to the inside free endpaper stating that the edition was limited to 50 copies.  Description of this volume by Andrew Cahan Bookseller.

Note: According to Paul Hickman "The Pacific Coast /West from Omaha" series numbers 1 to 57 are by J. J. Reilly, and the un-numbered "Union Pacific R[ail] R[oad] /West from Omaha" series stereoviews are by A. J. Russell.

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List of Stereographs by Andrew J. Russell as cataloged on back lists published on the stereograph verso:
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List of Large Format Imperial Views by Andrew J. Russell:
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