"We built some rood across the mountains "before the mountain portion was finished. The men were driven out of the mountain portion hy the etorrae and could not be kept there any longer, could not do any work. Tbfl enow would fill up Juat as fast as they could dig it out bo I moved thorn down on the Truofcee River* "We hauled locomotives over, and when I say wo 1 meon myself, and we hauled iron and care and all that sort of thine and ijullt ?G miles* We hauled the looomotivse ovor on sleighs, 1 thinlj to hauled some of them over on logs because we could not get a sleigh big enough. We crossed tha enow line before the gap in the mountains was finished and we used to take passengers at Truekee and "bring them to Cisco, where the road terminated . Then they would get on stages and go over the mountain and then get on the railroad again and go to Reno** Charles Crocker, p.364-6, Pao RR. Conan,

Courtesy of the Lynn D. Farrar Collection.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
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