Hammer was specially prepared at Sacramento shops with a copper face

Look out mountain station wiring in 1874 dragged the wires and poles on mules Dick Murphy was fireman on the "Jupiter" Bill Sippy was engineer

Putting in 30 poles to mile. I was ordered to deep up with the front line so I finally cut down to ten poles to mile which would hold the wires off the ground and keep me up with the track layers. then gang come on behind and put in other poles at leisure.

Had about 25 or 30 men in my gang.

Strobridge did the grading and tunnels. Arthur Brown the bridges. Robert Pratt laid the track.

Train 15 and 16 Oregon Express ended service.

86 years old now.

Chillicotte, Ohio, father had house. I learned tel. here.


Courtesy of the Lynn D. Farrar Collection.

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
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