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Early CPRR Locomotive Rosters

CPRR Roster 1864
CPRR Roster 1864
Locomotive roster included in Samuel S. Montague's "Engineer's Report" of 8 October 1864.


CPRR Roster 1867
CPRR Roster 1867
Charles Crocker's April 1867 list of locomotives. Note that he is listing the number of units, not their roster number. The little numbers I have penciled in on the right are the numbers assigned to the locomotives. The numbers at the bottom represent locomotives ordered but not yet received.


CPRR Roster 1868
CPRR Roster 1868
1868 roster. Nearly every roster deserves some comment. This roster includes many locomotives which were only yet on order in November 1868, and the units numbered 156-163 on order from McKay were, in fact, never built. Other locomotives with those same names and numbers were, however, eventually acquired from other builders. ... [Image likely reproduced from a D.L. Joslyn
photograph. There is a cleaner retypeset version of this which appeared in a Donald Duke book.]

Courtesy Wendell Huffman Collection.


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