Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Biography of George Edward Gray

From: "Reese, Carol"

In the biography on your site on George Edward Gray, his date of death is listed as January 1, 1913 but at the end of the biography there is a statement that says this date is wrong and that he died about 1883 – 2 years before he retired!) Was this put in as a joke or is 1883 true?

Carol Reese
The American Society of Civil Engineers
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[P.S.] ASCE has an article written by him in 1897. Several years after Mr. Farrar says he died.

[P.P.S.] The reason I question it is ASCE has a memior written at the time stating his death as January 1, 1913. Usually our memoirs are extremely accurate and wouldn't be off by 20 years on a date of death. If you could verify, I would be greatly appreciative.