Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

1861 Map from the U. S. Pacific Railroad Survey
near the 41st parallel - June and July, 1854

Map 4:  Northern California and Nevada
Including Rivers and Towns between 119°30' and 123°30´ west longitude
and 39° and 42° degrees north latitude.  The routes of the Survey Party are
indicated, including their campsites, which are indicated by date.
More detailed topography is provided for the mountain areas.
18  x  20.5 inches


1.  Title

2.  Eastern side of the map.
The D and E show the points from where the panoramas of the
Madelin Pass and the Northern Sierra Nevada were made.

3. Mount Shasta, Upper Sacramento or Pitt River.

4.  Sacramento River Valley

Courtesy of William Husson.

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