Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

1861 Map from the U. S. Pacific Railroad Survey
near the 41st parallel - May, 1854
(Including the location on the Sevier River where Gunnison, Kern and others
from the Survey at the 38th-39th parallels met their end.)

Map 2:  Utah and Nevada
From the Great Salt Lake to the Humboldt Mountains
Including Rivers and Towns between 112° and 115°30´ west longitude
and 39° and 42° degrees north latitude.  The routes of the Survey Party are
indicated, including their campsites, which are indicated by date.
More extensive topographical details are provided for the mountains south
of the Great Salt Lake, and of the Goshute and Humboldt Mountains.
18  x  20.5 inches


1.  Title

2.  Great Salt Lake area

3.  below the Great Salt Lake

4.  Sevier River and Lake
The location of the Gunnison Massacre is indicated.


5. Goshute (Goshoot) Passage, Goshute Mountains,
Franklin Lake, Humboldt Mountains.
The A indicates the spot from which the PANORAMA of the Goshute
Passage was made.
The drawings by Egloffstein were more topographically exact and tied to
the maps of the survey compared to those from other branches of the

Courtesy of William Husson.

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