Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

1861 Steel Engraving from the Pacific Railroad Survey
after F. W. Egloffstein

Northern Slopes of the Sierra Nevada
June 30th, 1854 at 9am

Details of the panorama indicated in the lower margin:
Peaks of the Sierra Nevada, Northern Sierra Nevada,
Distant passages of the Upper Sacramento River south
of Mount Shasta dividing the Sierra Nevada on the South
from the Cascade Mountains on the North, Foot of First
Canyon, Survey Camp June 28 and 29, South end of
Cascade Mts, Second Canyon of the Upper Sacramento,
Plains of the Upper Sacramento, Coast Range 100 miles
distant, Mount Shasta 50 miles distant, Cascade Mts,
Fall River Plains, First Canyon of the Sacramento River,
Low Gaps of the Head Waters of Fall River.

This panorama is associated with Map 4 of the
41st parallel survey:  From the Valley of the Mud
Lakes to the Pacific Ocean. (N.B. Despite the title,
the map actually only goes to a bit west of the Valley of the
Sacramento River.)


Courtesy of William Husson.

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