Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

1861 Steel Engraved Panorama from the Pacific Railroad Survey
after F. W. Egloffstein

Valley of the Mud Lakes
June 14th at 9am from Mud Lake Peak looking west (as shown on Map #3)
Showing an expanse of 82 miles, 1854

The following locations on the Panorama are indicated
by titles in the lower margin:  Entrance to Madlin Pass,
Eastern base of the Sierra Nevada, Survey Camp June
14 15 & 16, Great Boiling Spring Point, Mount Observation,
Snowy Northern Range of the Sierra Nevada, Black Rock
Range, Oreson Road entering the Sierra Nevada,
Entrance of the Railroad line to the Valley of the Mud
Lakes, Cold Spring Range (Divide between the Humboldt
River and the Mud Lakes), Snowy Western Humboldt
River Range.


Courtesy of William Husson.

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