Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

1861 Steel Engraving from the Pacific Railroad Survey
after F. W. Egloffstein

Valley of the Humboldt River
at Lassen's Meadow
June 9th at 3pm, from a peak on the western Humboldt River Range
Detail scans

The following specific points on the panorama are indicated in the margin
beneath the image: Sink of Humboldt River, Survey Camp June 11th-12th,
Survey Camp 12th-13th, Black Range, Survey Camp June 13th-14th, Great
Boiling Spring Point, Snowy Sierra Nevada at the Sources of the Upper
Sacramento River, Northern Mud Lakes, Cold Spring Range, Railroad Pass
in crossing the divide between the Humboldt Rover and the Valley of the
Mud Lakes, Lassen's Meadow, Survey Camp June 10th to 11th, Railroad Pass
leaving Humboldt River Valley west, Portion of the line of the Railroad seen
in the Valley of the Humboldt River, Survey Camp June 8th to 9th.

The survey camp sites are indicated by a curl of smoke, as if from a camp fire.

(The position from which this panorama was drawn in indicated on
Map 3 of the 41st parallel survey: From the Humboldt Mts to Mud Lakes).

Courtesy of William Husson.

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