Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

861 Map from the U. S. Pacific Railroad Survey
near the 38th and 39th parallels
Map 4:  Colorado and Utah
Including Rivers and Towns between 106.5 and 111 degrees west longitude
and 36.5 and 41.5 degrees north latitude.  The routes of the Survey Party are
indicated, including their campsites, which are indicated by date.
23 x 31 inches

Detail Scans

1.  Title

2.  Cochetopa Pass - eastern side of the map.
On this map, what is now called the Gunnison River is labeled
as the Grand River.  The northern part of what is now called the
Colorado River (north of the mouth of the Green River) was called
the Grand River by some, and on some maps. This was changed in 1921,
when the State of Colorado petitioned to have this part of the river called
the Colorado River.  On this map, the part of the Colorado River north of
the mouth of the Gunnison, is called the Blue River.  In the text,
Beckwith writes that it's inaccurately called the Grand, when it should
be called the Blue River.

3.  Center of the map - showing the Gunnison and the Blue RIvers.
Please see the note with Detail #2.

4.  Western side of the map - into the eastern part of what is now Utah.
The White River indicated in this detail is now called the Price River.
(The White River at the 40th parallel is also indicated on this map.)

Courtesy of William Husson.

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