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Life and Times of the
Central Pacific Railroad
Keepsake Series, The Book Club of California, 1969

POSTER:  $100 Currency $65

POSTER:  $100 Currency $65Through passenger traffic on the Central Pacific was predominately westbound as travelers came west to San Francisco the focal point for people destined to other places on the Pacific Coast.  In an effort to balance traffic loading, bargain rates were offered eastbound passengers.  Second-class tickets were $100 for the trip to New York but if time was not important, the more patient traveler could pocket a savings of $35.  (Westbound traffic continued to grow at a faster pace than eastbound traffic for several years, notwithstanding the bargain rates.)

The word "currency" at the top of the poster was not without significance.  At that time coin (gold) commanded a premium over currency and prices were frequently quoted in "coin" or "currency" as the case might be.  Central Pacific accounts were segregated between the two forms of monetary exchange.  Nearly all of the railroad operating expenses were settled in coin while revenues included a substantial amount of currency.  Separate accounts were maintained through 1878.

This is Number Two of twelve Keepsakes issued during 1969 to its members by The Book Club of California in commemoration of the centennial of the transcontinental railroad. The series has been edited by David F. Myrick and designed and printed by Lawton and Alfred Kennedy.



POSTER:  $100 Currency $65

Courtesy The Book Club of California.

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