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All aboard for Virginia City (Stagecoaches at Cisco).
After Hart stereoview #217, "All aboard for Virginia City, and the Overland Mail."

Hart 217
Stage at Cisco, CPRR Station

A Stagecoach from Idaho at the Central Pacific Railway
(German wood engraving c. 1873, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4", from the original painting by L. J. Bonnat.)
Courtesy Martin  Gregor.

Cisco "was named for John J. Cisco, the sterling assistant treasurer of the United Sates, during the late Civil War." [Williams Pacific Tourist, 1876.]
"Cisco was a banker and financier who served as Assistant Treasurer of the United States during the Civil War."
Errata: John J. Cisco is inconsistently described on various websites as treasurer of the UPRR, and the CPRR:
"The town [Cisco] was name after John J. Cisco, Treasurer of C.P.R.R. from 1863-1869, at the suggestion of Charles Crocker (Gudde, 1949)."
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Also see the artistic engraving:
CENTRAL PACIFIC RR AT CISCO, 1865 By George Mathis (1909-1977).


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