Union Pacific Railroad

Western Union
November 1868

UPRR Crew,

We're facing a big challenge. A bridge across Dale Creek has to be built. Can you build a trestle bridge for us here?

Grenville Dodge
Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad

Western Union
December 1868

Mr. Dodge,

The crews have been working seven days a week, 12 to 16 hours a day. They have just finished building the 650 foot bridge. (That's equal to two football fields.)  It is the longest trestle on the Union Pacific Line, so far.  It rises 150 feet up from the bottom of the canyon.  Our only worry is that it sways in the wind when the engines cross it.1

The UPPR Crew

Dale Creek Trestle Bridge (W. H. Jackson Stereoview)
Dale Creek Trestle
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