Union Pacific Railroad

Western Union
August 1868

Mr. Dodge:

We discovered that the buffalo were very important to the Plains Indians. The coming of the white men, the settlers, the wagon trains, and the railroad disturbed the Indians' hunting grounds and their way of life. There were many Indian conflicts during the building of the railroad. The government tried to end these problems by writing treaties to make peace between the United States government and the Indians. 

We will visit some of these sites to learn more about the problems between the Plains Indians and the government. We'll report back to you next month.

The Plains Indians Conflict with Western Settlers
Fort Laramie Treaty photos and maps
Map of the Fort Laramie Treaty
Fort Laramie Treaty and Map
From the Indian point of view
Treaty with the Cheyenne and Arapaho 1867
Time Line of Indian Conflicts and Treaties


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