Union Pacific Railroad

The New York Times

October 24, 1866

Railroad Reaches 100th Meridian

The Union Pacific reached the 100th meridian in the middle of Nebraska today. Honored guests and reporters boarded a riverboat in St. Joseph, Missouri, for an upsteam trip to Omaha. At Omaha, they boarded trains that took them to the site. Mr. Thomas Durant, vice-president of the Union Pacific, hosted this party. The guests were tented in the wilerness for three nights. They were treated to some exciting entertainment. One night Mr. Durant arranged for some Native Americans to stage a mock war dance. Later these Native Americans pretended to raid their camp and the next day, Durant arranged a fake Indian war. On their final day in Nebraska, he started a prairie fire for the visitors.

100th Meridian - Train, Carbut 218, detail
Train at the 100th meridian
UPRR works at Omaha (Carbutt Stereoview 227)
UPRR works at Omaha
New Investors for the Union Pacific

Money flowed into the treasury of the Union Pacific following the Nebraska celebration at the 100th meridian. Many businessmen have decided to invest in this new railroad in hopes of making a lot of money when the transcontinental railroad is complete.

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